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25th-Dec-2012 11:18 pm - Enneagram Test Results!
So it is CHRISTmas and I was surfing the net to find out something interesting and bumped into this Psychological Test *which I am really quite fond of* and here are the results I got! I never thought that I will have a type 2 personality and it is tied with type 3 XD hahaha!!!! I wonder if things will change after taking this test again next year XD Will definitely try that!

You can also try it if you want to! ^_^v

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism||||||||||||42%
Type 2Helpfulness||||||||||||||||66%
Type 3Image Focus||||||||||||||||66%
Type 4Individualism||||||||||||46%
Type 5Intellectualism||||||||||||||54%
Type 6Security Focus||||||||||||46%
Type 7Adventurousness||||||||||||||54%
Type 8Aggressiveness||||||||||||||||62%
Type 9Calmness||||||||||||||58%
Your main type is 2
Your variant is omni
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Personality Test by SimilarMinds.com
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7th-Sep-2012 12:25 am - Customary Tradition: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A Prince is Confirmed

[Human Kingdom]

The Prince rushed to the Priestess’ room to confirm the news he just received. He saw the huge door and barged in without even trying to knock. If the priestess was an ordinary girl, she would probably be shocked or might be screaming if someone will just be barging in at her door but, she still remained her poise and calmness and kneeled still in front of the altar and with the looks of it, she seemed to be quite expecting the prince’s arrival.

“Prince Daiki… if I am not mistaken, it would be much better for a gentleman to learn how to knock before entering a lady’s room? A little respect for the priestess I guess? I mean, we don’t want to disturb her in the middle of her prayers right your highness?!” the prince heard a familiar boy’s voice. It was the Sage who was sitting at a comfortable chair at the side.

“Well, Mr. Morimoto, please excuse your highness’ rough behavior today. I really do want to apologize but I don’t think that will be appropriate now. We have a more serious issue to discuss.” The first prince who is also known as Daiki Arioka kept calm yet there is a hint of sarcasm in his tone. He is not in a good mood to accommodate such remarks. He is in a hurry. He doesn’t want to waste any time for who knows what the demons would probably be up to now that the royalties they have been waiting for has returned.

“That means that you finally got the confirmation you asked for. Am I right, your highness?” the priestess finally stood up from her prayer and turned to the prince who is still standing still with the door behind him and the Sage still comfortably sitting  at a chair at the right corner of the gigantic room specially built for the priestess for the purpose of worshipping and praying for the gods.

“Unfortunately, you are both right.  Now I sent my general to call out my other brothers and meet us all here to tell them the news and for us to plan things out as well.” It was prince Daiki who answered the Priestess’ question. He is already stressed now and in panic yet it seems like these two “kids” he is with are very calm.

“No need to panic your highness. Danger is not with them you worry yourself upon… danger lurks around all of us…” it was the priestess who spoke. She usually speaks in riddles or parables which makes it difficult for them to understand and usually, the only person who gets a chance to understand at least a bit of what she is saying is no other than the Sage himself, Morimoto Ryutaro.

“What do you mean? Please don’t talk in parables!”  As expected, Prince Daiki is confused about what the priestess said.

“Maybe what she meant is that, we should wait for what the demon tribe is about to do. Let us not haste. Besides, they cannot possibly do things immediately! They will still need to plan things out now that their so called “Demon Prince” and “Demon Princess” came. We still have limited information and we cannot make a wrong move. If we will act like we are threatened by their presence, they might be using it against us.” This was Ryutaro’s answer to the prince. He seems to have a plan but it still is unclear to the prince. But, Daiki is not satisfied with his answer.

“Wait? Until when? We cannot wait that much! What if they will start to attack the different gem kingdoms under us? What if they will launch an all out war against us! And, what is taking them so long!” Prince Daiki is really scared about what might possibly happen and is already starting to panic then he realized that he is still waiting for his other brothers to come.

“If I am not mistaken, your cousins are on their missions. But nevertheless, they are safe and soon they will also be informed about the current issue. Words of mouth fly fast your highness. I assume that they already knew about it.” It was again the priestess who spoke as she reads through her crystal ball placed on a special table at the center of the room.

Prince Daiki is a bit overprotective over his cousins yet they treat each other as brothers since they have been together ever since. Their parents all died as great heroes of the land during the previous wars. Since then, they vowed to be loyal to each other and to love and protect each other for the sake of their kingdom.

“Yes… I forgot about that. Still, what do you mean by danger is not with them? I don’t get it?” Daiki is calmer now yet confused about the message of the priestess.

“I am sorry your highness, but for now, that is the only information I can give you.” the priestess said as she bowed her head as a sign of respect and for not being able to explain things furthermore. She might be able to have an accurate reading on the crystal ball but sometimes, the crystal tells her things in riddles as well. It will take some time before answers are really given out. It will only give clues but it is still up to them to decipher things.

“Don’t overwork yourself Priestess. There is a good explanation about that. For now, we still have the time to think and plan things out but we will first observe their moves. You don’t need to worry too much your highness. I am pretty confident they won’t be making any drastic moves. You are panicking too much your highness. Why don’t you rest for a bit? Maybe when you are calmer, we can devise a better plan.” It was what Ryutaro suggested. He sure is confident that the Demons will still not be making any bold action. He knows that they won’t be doing anything big without all their aces with them. They might already have the “demon royalties” but then again, they still don’t have their Oracle and their Great Wise Man. This gives Ryutaro an assurance and confidence as well.

“Seems like I need to heed your advice… very well then, I will be taking my rest for now. I trust you both and I really do hope things will turn out in our favor. You two must also get some rest.” This was all that the prince said before walking out of the room.

“Yes! Your highness!” the two said in synch before the prince went out of the room.

As soon as the door was closed…

“What do you think is taking them so long… ne Ryutaro-kun?” the priestess now turned to her friend. She acts differently when in front of other people. She is calm and serene, soft-spoken priestess in front of all of them yet she reveals her true nature to only one person…

“It won’t be too long. Just wait and see. He has plans far more brilliant than mine…”

“Mou!!! You’re talking in riddles! But yeah, he has his plans ne! Want to hear me play the violin?”

“Sure, so that I can have a good night sleep.”

[Demon Kingdom]

Yuto was confused about what is going on now since a while ago, Kota was so infuriated but now he has this huge smirk on his face and everyone are having different reactions. The atmosphere is tense and awkward and Yuto is wondering what just happened.

“Is there anyone who would care to explain what is wrong here? Please don’t tell us it is another customary tradition in this land?!” It was Rina again who broke the eerie silence. She just hates it when she doesn’t understand what’s happening.

“Well unfortunately dimwit, your brother here made his biggest mistake!” it was Kota Yabu who spoke who still has his big smirk with him.

“Your highness, holding a fork on the right hand signifies that the person holding it is declaring a battle against the person who threw it. And the knife on the left hand signifies that it will be a sword fight, which means that, the demon prince is challenging Prince Kota Yabu on a sword fight.” Things were explained clearly by head teacher Shigeaki Kato.

“What!! That can’t possibly be…” Yuto was about to protest when

“I accept the challenge, your highness!” Kota interrupted him

“Another thing, your highness, is that, once the opponent accepts the challenge, there is no turning back. The challenge must be done until a winner is declared.” It was Yamashita who added the remark.

“How will we know who will be the winner and the loser? I suppose this is not a death match right? “ Rina asked worried.

“It is not a death match but whoever quits first or will be unconscious first loses.”  This time, Jun explained.

“What will be at stake here and what will happen to the winner and to the loser?” it was now Yuto who made the remark. He is already serious about this. He really wants to punch this Kota guy a while ago before Rina slapped him. He only wished for a punch but looks like he’ll have more opportunity to get even with this guy for insulting his mother and his sister, the two most important girls in his life.

“If you win, I will take back what I just said about your mother and sister and I will be acknowledging you as the Demon Prince and your sister as well. If you lose, you will stay out of our business and go back to where you came from or just do whatever it is that we will ask you to do. We will start after an hour at the backyard training grounds. I suppose one hour is enough for you to prepare?! Don’t ask why. You challenged me and it is also a rule that I will be setting the terms and conditions. Deal with it.” This is what Kota said before leaving the room.

“I don’t need you to acknowledge me but I want you to take back what you said. I certainly don’t want to lose.” Yuto said with a burning flame on his eyes but with a smile on his lips.

“Ne Yuya! This is going to be fun!” Hikaru smiled showing his mini fangs while tapping Yuya excitedly.

“Seems like it…” was Yuya’s plain answer. Good thing Hikaru is used to it.

“Boys, I am not feeling very well today. Please just tell me the whole story tomorrow Hikaru dear. I need to rest now and as much as I want to watch it, I need to have my beauty rest. Ciao!” this time, it was the queen who spoke while her hand is holding her forehead like she is dizzy or something.

She asked Hikaru to tell her the story since she knows Hikaru is a great story teller since he will tell all the details with all the re enactments plus sound effects plus his thoughts as well.  Compared to Yuya who will just tell you who won or who lose and will go straight to the point or will just plainly answer your question. You will be lucky if he gives you a summary of the story.

The queen was accompanied by some of the servants and had a look at the twins.

“Please do your best your highness. I am sorry for my son’s rough act a while ago. He has his reasons. Please do take care.” The queen made her statement before finally leaving the room.

“Your highness, allow me to accompany you and to help you in your preparation.” Yamashita volunteered to help Yuto and he gladly accepted it.

The twins, as accompanied by Yamashita already went to a certain room to prepare. Jun started setting the place and Shigeaki started ordering the other servants to help Jun in setting the place, clean the mess in the room and to bring the materials Kota and Yuto will use for their battle.

[Hikaru’s POV]

Well, after the new “Demon Prince and Princess” made their greatest mistake ever regarding on slapping Kota and challenging him on a sword fight, what else can make this more fun! Kota has always been the most stubborn among the three of us and his specialty is swords since it is the weapon he yields! Yuya yields his spear while I hold the nunchakus.

I am quite worried on my mother’s act a while ago. This is the first time we saw her like that! Is she angry? Is she thinking of something? Is she disappointed? Is she really sick? Gaaah!! All these thoughts are driving me crazy! Not to mention that I am her personal reporter again tomorrow. As if I can count on Yuya on that one and the mighty Kota! Geez!

I wonder if I can get along well with the demon prince since he seems to be care-free! Much like me!! His sister seems to be like a diplomat and what’s interesting is that she has a lot of similarities with Kota! Especially on the “taking things seriously” and on “always stressed” thing! Yet they don’t get along!

I am afraid we need to have a puppet Prince and Princess since he definitely cannot win against Kota especially when he is infuriated.

We are walking on our way to the backyard training grounds where the epic fight will begin when I noticed Yuya to be spacing out again with a grin on his face. I wonder what he is thinking again! He is sure a weird person at times!! Geez!

[End of Hikaru’s POV]

 [Yuya’s POV]

Well, I hate to admit it but I agree with Hikaru here. This is a bit fun though it is a complete mess and a disaster.

First I was not expecting the demon prince and the demon princess to look this way and to be this young. I thought that they will appear to be more mature but I saw a boy with a black uniform, black hair, black eyes (which I expected actually) to be admiring the beautiful room while examining the chandeliers and the servants and  has literally had his jaws dropped. He looks so naïve and innocent and is so carefree. Yet he also seems to be overprotective on their mom since he was about to run towards Kota when he insulted their mom.

His sister on the other hand looks awfully a lot like him (what do I expect from twins) with her long jet black hair which is a little messy now (maybe because of the skeletons) who has her eyes fixed on the food on the long table yet asks so many questions to mother and the person who dared slapped the mighty Kota Yabu! Not to mention calling him bamboo.

However, there is something between these two that makes them interesting; especially that Yuto guy. Maybe I am just excited to see what will be happening next.

[End of Yuya’s POV]


“Ne! 5 minutes already passed since the twins were transported to the other world! I wonder what’s happening to them. What is “He” really planning…” the Oracle said worriedly while still at the rooftop with the Wise Man.

“Are you not happy to spend some quality time with me?” the Wise Man continues to tease the Oracle. He just knows how moody and snobbish the Oracle is yet he still loves to tease her.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” was what the Oracle said with her right hand on her waist and her eyebrow curved in annoyance.

“What if I am?” the wise man said as he tries to trap the Oracle again.

“No more traps!” the Oracle is setting a feisty façade though the truth is that she is trying to avoid contacts with this guy since she knows she’ll blush like a ripe tomato if the wise man lets out his killer smile that simply melts a lady’s heart.

“If you are trying to flirt with me, then I must say that you stop it Baka! It’s not nice neither is it funny! It is D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!  geez! Go try it on other girls! Not on me!”

“Ahahaha! Well then, I was just hoping my smile can soften your stone heart and your hard head. Looks like I need to exert extra effort.” The Wise Man said as he gave a wink at the lady.

“I wonder what He is planning…” the Oracle tried to divert the topic.

“Even I don’t fully understand everything yet. There are still some pieces of the puzzle missing. Yet I know he has brilliant plans in store… plans that might even be greater than that of mine. I know you are worried about the twins but I know He wants everything to be right in the end. We just need to trust Him and wait for his signal.” The Wise Man turned a little more serious as he knows he must give a proper answer to the Oracle’s question.

“I know… but the time difference between Earth and the other world is a bit inconsistent. The only thing that is sure is that, the days on Earth are longer than that of the other world. Ten minutes in Earth might mean a day in the Demon Kingdom.” The Oracle was right. The computation between Earth’s time and Demon kingdom’s is still not that concrete. A year in Earth might be a century in the Demon Kingdom.

“You worry too much honey! Calm do…” the Wise Man was about to finish his statement when suddenly, they both felt something weird and heard the voice they have been waiting for. That is the cue they have been waiting for.

“Finally!” The Oracle exclaimed.

“Ready? Let’s go.” The Wise Man took her hand and ran to where they should be.

[Meanwhile at the Demon Kingdom]

Yuto was earlier than Kota in the field and from the looks of it; he still is having a hard time with the sword. He is using Yamashita’s sword and it is quite heavy. Swinging it requires his full force.

Not too long after they came, Prince Yuya, Prince Hikaru, Head Teacher Shigeaki and Second General Jun came. They stood on an area where they can have a nice view yet a good distance away from the battle field.

Kota finally came. He didn’t change his clothes and he seems to walk pretty comfortably. Yuto really doesn’t like battles but there is something at stake here and he just cannot lose to him.

“Are you nervous, your highness?” Yamashita asked him.

“I don’t want to lie and say I am not. I am but, I cannot let that nervousness and fear eat me. By the way Yamashita-san! Thank you for lending me your sword!” a genuine smile was seen on Yuto’s face.

“You don’t need to your highness. Please! Don’t call me like that. You can call me Yamapi as the queen does.” He said also forming a smile on his gorgeous face.

“Very well then Yamapi! Then please don’t call us your highness! call me Yuto and my ne-chan, Rina!”

“As you wish, your highness.”

[Yuto’s POV]

I am nervous and I cannot hide it anymore. I mean, this will be my first time to fight someone literally and with real swords! I also notice Rina to be a bit more quiet than the usual. She is nervous too. I hope she doesn’t feel guilty about things. She has this awful tendency on blaming herself when unfortunate events happen.

“Ne-san, why are you so quiet?! Are you nervous?” I asked though I know she won’t tell me the truth.

“Ah?! I just thought that we wasted good food a while ago. It would be much better if they ended up in my tummy instead of the floor.” I knew she thought about this but this is not what she really feels now.

“Don’t worry too much ne-san. I will do my best! Remember the chant?!” I said and I suddenly remembered something that might cheer us both.

“Of course I do! I might forget a lot of things easily but not the chant!” She is now getting a bit more hyped up now.

“Iskiribatsiboop iskiribaba bloopi kiribit kiribit!” we said in synch while doing some unique handshakes and gestures. Our mom told us to recite that chant when we are nervous and we need to be hyped up. Now I am ready. Bring it on Kota Yabu.

[End of Yuto’s POV]

The demons noticed the weird gesture the twins did and were confused about it. Kota saw it and thought of it as a funny joke to appease the nervousness of the twins. He is also a bit tired and he plans on ending the match as quick as possible.

Yamapi and Rina joined Prince Yuya, Prince Hikaru, Jun and Shigeaki on the safe side to watch the battle and as soon as they heard the whistle, the swordfight begun.

Kota was aggressive on his sword and immediately attacked Yuto. It was clear that Yuto is struggling as he blocked Kota’s attacks. The weight of the sword is already a challenge to him and blocking Kota’s fast attacks made it even more arduous than it already is. Yuto is trying to analyze Kota’s moves.

Though he fell on the ground quite a few times, he still manages to quickly stand up and regain his poise. Little-by-little he is managing to anticipate Kota’s moves and is getting used to the weight of the sword. Yuto has a gift on having a great memory almost like having an eidetic memory so it is easy for him to memorize patterns. He is also musically inclined and thinks that there is a certain rhythm on Kota’s move. With these abilities, he is able to catch up and not give Kota an easy win.

Kota was now a little impatient since he didn’t expect Yuto to adapt this fast. He clearly underestimated his opponent. Now Yuto is able to have some hits on Kota and can easily anticipate his moves. But then again, the sword is not the only weapon that the prince can use. He is a demon and he used it to his advantage.

Yuto was surprised when his opponent backed off a bit and had a good distance between them. He tries to be as defensive as possible and now he is tired. He thought this will be a good time to catch his breath but he was surprised when balls of fire suddenly came towards him. Luckily, he was able to dodge it.

“Hey! That’s not fair! This is supposed to be a sword fight!” Rina exclaimed and clearly wants Kota to hear what she has to say. All throughout the battle she remained silent and only has a blank face. She didn’t even flinch when she saw his Ni-chan fell into ground for several times but using magic is too much.

Kota ignored the protest of the Princess and instead of stopping, he threw more and more balls of fire and it became larger and larger. It is becoming more and more difficult for Yuto to avoid the attacks.

“It is a legal move. Magic is allowed in this battle.” Surprisingly, Yuya answered Rina’s protest.

“Kota is a demon and we demons can control different elements remember? Kota has the element of fire and he can use it as much as he could as long as he is on demon land’s soil.” Hikaru added.

“But that is unfair! Yuto cannot use magic! There is no chance for him to win this one.” Rina is starting to tremble. She cannot bear the fact that she cannot do anything to save her brother.

“But there are no rules about it. Kota is not breaking any rules.” Yuya again answered which made Rina be silent.

Kota is savoring the moment for he knew that his opponent cannot approach him anymore and that he is too tired to fight. Sooner or later, his opponent will quit. Yet surprisingly, his opponent is as stubborn as him and he knew he had to exert more effort. He is also tired of throwing fireballs so he gave it a rest. He noticed that Yuto is barely gasping for breath and he decided to taunt him through words. And he knows just how to discourage him.

“Come on! Why don’t you just quit already and accept the fact that you are a loser. You cannot possibly go against me at this rate! You cannot even stand. Give up now while you still can.” Kota exclaimed as he tries to discourage Yuto.

Instead of answering back, Yuto just stood up and smirked. He might look naïve and innocent yet he knows that his opponent is only trying to taunt him. Whoever loses patience first and the first one who gets reckless first loses. He also doesn’t have enough energy to waste on nonsense talk. But he has little energy left and any minute now, he will definitely collapse. He is only leaning on his sword to be able to stand up.

Yuto is now just a few meters away from Rina and she has these different thoughts running on her mind. She wants to just go there and get a sword and fight that guy but she knows that this is Yuto’s fight and she can’t intervene. However, if the situation goes worst, she’ll definitely do the first thing that will come to her mind.

Kota saw Yuto’s situation and was insulted at the way Yuto smirked on him. He is not a patient guy and now he’s definitely angry. He used his energy left and gave Yuto a big blast of fire. He thought it is already the end of it but something wrong happened.

Yuto was not the one who received the attack…

It was…


Yuto can barely move at that moment and when Rina saw it, she ran and pushed her brother aside and she got the fire blast that was supposed to be thrown to Yuto.

Everyone was surprised…

Yuto was almost ready to face the heat of the fire blast since he knew he cannot move anymore yet instead of the fire, he felt the solid ground. He looked around him and saw his sister lying on the ground with all the scratches and burn. He then saw Yamapi, and Jun running to where Rina was lying and Shigeaki was in panic to call the servants to bring first aids. Yuya and Hikaru was about to go to where Yuto was lying when suddenly, light started to surround Yuto.

His look became a bit more matured with a little longer hair and he is floating on air. Soft blue light is surrounding him and his eyes were fierce and it was fixed on Kota. He is like a different man now.

“Ne-chan, as always, you are rational but you tend to act reckless at times. Why can’t you be more careful?!” Yuto said as water started to surround Rina which made Jun and Yamapi move a little away to her body and focused their attention on Yuto.

“You were unfair in our battle. You knew I cannot use magic yet you used it against me. You insulted my mother and now you hurt my sister. Now you shall pay for this mess! I Yuto Nakajima, the Demon Prince will not let this pass!” there was authority on his voice and it is like it is not Yuto who is speaking anymore.

Suddenly, a huge wave of water appeared out of nowhere and engulfed Kota. He was fighting for his breath and Yuto was almost out of control when Yuto’s ring started to shine so bright. The light surrounding him was suddenly gone. His looks changed back to normal and the water engulfing Kota was gone. The water surrounding Rina also vanished and Yuto lost consciousness.

Rina’s ring also glowed at the same time Yuto’s ring did. It was a silver twin dolphin’s ring that they both wear at the middle finger of their left hand. It healed Yuto and Rina’s injuries but now they lay unconscious.

“Seems like I have a lot to tell mother...ne Yuya.” This was all that Hikaru can say after all that happened.

“That’s a long story to tell.” Yuya answered.


“Seems like we came just in time. That was a pretty rough confirmation don’t you think?” the Oracle told the Wise Man after seeing everything that just happened.

“Now it is really clear that there is no mistake. They are definitely the ones we are waiting for.” Was the Wise Man’s reply.


Who is the Wise Man, the Oracle and the Priestess?

Who is the “He” they are talking about?

What will happen after the twins wake up?

What will happen to Kota?

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I am so happy right now to see the new layout and background!

All thanks to laile_x_yabu Airi nee-chan!!! At first I thought that it was just a joke but she really made one and it was a great one and I love it XD It will totally inspire me to visit my blog more often!!! wee!!! Thank you thank you!! ^_^v

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25th-Aug-2012 01:40 am - Checkered!
I am clearly enjoying this google theme maker stuff (though I am still loyal and am still using Floral Blue as my theme), I guess so far, this is my favorite theme ne ^_^v out of the three that I have made so far. Here is a preview by the way

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24th-Aug-2012 11:53 pm - Hoshi! Hoshi! Hoshi!
So I was in the mood in doing something different and ended up making this XD

If you guys would wnat to use this as your google theme, well, just click this link below ^_^v
Have fun!

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24th-Aug-2012 02:33 am - My first experiment!
So I have been a little bubbly (and tired) today and I felt like doing new things and found out something to do with my google theme XD Until I accidentally made one myself!


tadaa!!! If you would want this theme, then click this link ^_^v

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23rd-Aug-2012 01:28 am - Customary Tradition: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Ignorance is Bliss

[Human kingdom]

The first prince of the Human kingdom was so anxious while waiting for the arrival of one of the generals he just sent. He wants a confirmation because he was alarmed about the recent news that The Priestess and The Young Sage just told him.


“The demon twins are soon to come...” said the young priestess to the young Sage and the first prince. She has always been a very good source of information because of her special ability. Her premonitions and effective use of the crystal ball have always been a really reliable one which immediately gave her the position she has now despite the young age. Everyone in the castle consults her for what might be happening in the future. She is like the counterpart of Demon Kingdom’s Oracle.

“If that’s the case then we must give them a welcome. But before we inform the rest of the kingdoms under us, we must confirm everything.” This time it was the Young sage that made the remark. This half-human, half-demon kid might look very young yet his skills must not be underestimated. Most of the wars were won by the Human Kingdom all thanks to the strategies he set and planned. He has a gift on magic because of his demon descent yet he chose to stay on human’s side. His young looks might be really deceiving but instead of sulking into it, he used it as an advantage against his opponents. He might even be compared to The Great Wise Man of Demon Kingdom.

Together, The Young Sage and The Young Priestess has become a pair that led the Human Kingdom to it success on its expansion of kingdoms. They were basically an unbeatable tandem and the Demons were not able to match them without the Great Wise Man and The Oracle at their side. This gave the Humans a huge advantage.

“Do you not trust my premonitions Young Sage?” The Young Priestess seems like she was not offended but is actually trying to know what the Sage’s plan is.

“I don’t want to offend you in any way Young Priestess. I just don’t want this news to be a source of panic and chaos to our Kingdom. Their presence might cause the morale and the momentum of our kingdom to fall. Let us first confirm everything before making an announcement.” said the Young Sage which gave peace to the curious mind of the Priestess.

 “Very well then, we will be keeping this as a secret. I will send one of my greatest generals to confirm things. As soon as I confirm things, I will be the first to inform you and then we’ll lay out our plans.” The first prince has stated. He is still a newbie and he has been carrying the new weight of being in charge of the huge Human Kingdom after the death of his father. He is a great warrior yet he is not the type who loves responsibility but still, he tries his best to govern the land he and his father loves and is learning little-by-little. Thanks to the help of his other brothers and his subordinates, he can still survive all the stress.

[End of Flashback]

“Your Highness. It is me.” Several knocks were heard from a large room and soon a familiar voice was heard; the voice that the First Prince has been waiting for.

“Yes! Please do come in.” The prince finally stopped walking back and forth and sat on his seat in excitement and worry to hear the news from this general.

“So, how did it turn out?” The prince immediately asked the general after it kneeled and bowed in front of him.

“It is true your highness. It is confirmed that the demon twins are here.” The good-looking general had finally reported the news to the prince.

“Are you sure about this Kazuya?” The prince is still in denial about the news he just heard. “How can you be so sure?”

“I personally saw them. They were somehow transported here and they landed in the middle of the village. The townsmen were so alarmed and they started throwing stones on them. They were really looking exactly the way it was in the prophecy. They had this pure black hair and eyes and are wearing black clothes.” The general the prince just called Kazuya reported.

“What happened next?” the prince sounded alarmed and curious at the same time and it looks like he is a little kid being told of a fairy tale story.

“I know since I stood in front of them and was able to touch them. It seemed like they don’t understand anything so I just gave them a piece of this world.” This time, the prince needs to accept the fact that the news is confirmed and worse is that the townsmen already saw them before he could. He himself is curious to see the twins since he has never seen a double black before yet he also is scared on the possible turn of events because of their existence now.

“Thank you Kazuya. I knew I can depend on you. Please call for all my other brothers and tell them to meet me at the Priestess’ prayer room. I will go and inform the Priestess and the Sage for now.” The price stood and immediately proceeded to the Priestess’ prayer room.

[Demon Kingdom]

What Rina did really shocked everyone in the room…

[Yuto’s POV]

This is the first time I personally saw Rina like this. She is normally someone who would rather keep her feelings to herself but today, she totally exploded. I really cannot blame her because of that. She has been stressed this past few weeks and she really becomes a little too sensitive when it comes to the people dear to her. She just slapped that Kota guy straight in the face. I bet this is her first time slapping a person and honestly, I am quite disappointed at her. I never thought she will settle on just slapping him. Knowing her, I thought she will use at least her aikido skills on her and give him a solid punch on his abdomen or a good kick on his crouch.

“Ne-san! What did you do? Why did you…” I was about to talk when the guy she just slapped said something. Now I know what ne-san feels whenever someone interrupts her while saying something.

“You… slapped… me…” the slap seems to be pretty strong since it seems like this guy is talking irregularly now.

“Unfortunately, I just did.” Whoah! Now Rina’s giving a clod treatment. This definitely is a first.

“THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” This guy is like crazy and is screaming his lungs out now. What’s the big deal if someone slapped you in the face? I mean, it might hurt your ego but to go that berserk?! He just went super saiyan and threw the things placed in the table that he was able to reach. This is just a complete mess.

“You know, you are acting like a freak. What’s the big deal if I just slapped you? You should be thanking me because I only slapped you. You should have been lying on the floor now with at least 10 broken bones if I just executed these lovely thoughts I have in mind now.” That was what ne-san said… I knew she had those thoughts in her.

“Why didn’t you just do that? That would have been better!” that dude seriously needs to chill down.

 “Ne ne-san, why didn’t you just use your skills on him?” I said as I decided to approach her. There are broken plates around her feet and I can say she is lucky that she is not hurt.

“Maybe because I am afraid I might wreck that bamboo into pieces or might destroy his pretty face.” Ahaha! I love that comment ne san!

“I am sorry but even if I would want to, I cannot let you go home now.” Finally, the queen spoke.

“Especially now that you are now engaged! Way to go bro!” the blonde guy still managed to be cheerful after seeing his brother went hulk! He’s amazing. Wha.. wait? Engaged?

“Ehhh?! That guy’s engaged? With whom?” I asked… what are they talking about?

“With your sister.” The other prince said… Yuya, yeah. That’s his name.

“EHHHK!! HOW DID THAT JUST HAPPENED!” ne-san and I said in synch. It has been a while since we last talked in synch.

“Allow me to explain things…” Shigeaki said while pushing his glasses. Wait? Since when did he have glasses?

“It is a customary tradition in the Demon Kingdom where slapping a person at his or her left cheek means offering engagement  which means that, you two are now officially engaged.” Shigeaki explained things.

“That’s unfair! I don’t even know that rule?! We don’t know that and I refuse to be engaged with this bamboo!” ne-san really doesn’t like what’s happening now.

“Well so do I!! “That was what the kota guy said.

“If I am not mistaken, there is a famous saying in the human world which says, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” In this case, even you, your highness, are not excused.” Yamashita made his remark and he does have a point.

“It is applicable in the human world since I am a human and it is my responsibility to know the rules that goes by where I live but I don’t think that I could also apply it here since it is my first time here and I don’t even have the opportunity to know the rules here. I think it is unfair.” Ne-san is defending herself and I got to say that it really is unfair.

I don’t know if I will laugh at how amusing things are or if I will also be pissed off. Nobody is picking up these things here. Someone might seriously get hurt. Nah! I will just pick these things up before someone gets hurt.

I picked up the knife and the fork that fell because of hulk and now he has turned his attention on me.

“You picked it up?” he said while eyeing on me.

“Uhmmm… yeah?!” I said. Now what did I do wrong and what’s really wrong with this guy! He seriously needs an anger management class! That’s weird… he is… smirking?

“Fork on the right hand and knife on the left hand. Looks like things are going to get bloody around here.” Jun finally said.

“What do you mean?!” arrg!! I am confused!

Now I could see that the Shigeaki is now more restless, Yamapi letting out a big sigh, Jun slapping his forehead, Yuya, still no expression, Hikaru is excited,  the queen who clearly has a blank expression and this Kota guy who has a huge grin on his face.

[End of POV]


What is the meaning of Yuto’s act?

Why can’t they go home?

Who is the Priestess and the Sage?

What will happen next?



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20th-Aug-2012 10:46 pm - Customary Tradition: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Details

The two gorgeous guys did as they say and went ahead with the twins following them. As they were walking at the isle, they can see some maids passing by and they all tend to stop and take a bow whenever they walk past them.

[Yuto’s POV]

With all this things happening now, I bet ne-san is already thinking about something again. She has not been talking since we started walking yet she looks around. She seems to be too focused ne. Looks like I need to prepare myself for she surely will bombard the queen with questions. I also want to know what’s really happening.

[End of POV]

They are like walking in an unending path. It is like a maze inside and Yuto seems to be more fascinated that worried. Rina on the other hand is trying to assess the surroundings yet again the feeling of familiarity sinks in to both of them. They felt like they had walked along these alleys before.

Yuto noticed his sister being a little too stressed out and he cannot resist the awkward silence between them.

“Ne-san, I know what you are trying to do but please don’t stress yourself too much! Besides, even if you try to memorize the path we took, I know you will still forget it!” Yuto told his sister to remind her to relax a bit. He knew that his sister will try to memorize the path they took but he is also aware about the memory span of his sister. She easily forgets things.

This caught the attention of the two guys and made them laugh a bit.

“Please don’t worry your highness. We are already approaching the area.” Yamashita said which made them felt a bit more relaxed and excited as well.

As they were approaching the door, they saw another gorgeous looking man standing and seem like guarding the door. He gave a salute to Yamashita and looked at the twins.

“Jun! Please inform the queen that we are already here.” It was Shigeaki who spoke and the guy he called Jun bowed slightly to him as a sign of acknowledgement and respect.

“Right away.”

The guy named Jun opened the door and went inside abiding Shigeaki’s order.

“Ne ni-chan, have you noticed something?” Rina grabbed Yuto’s arms to get him near her and for her to whisper something to his ear.

“What is it again?” Yuto mouthed to Rina since he really is not good on whispering since he is too hyped now.

“Have you noticed that almost all the guys we’ve seen now are really really really good-looking!” Rina finally told her brother since she cannot hold it anymore.

Shigeaki seemed to notice the whispering thing between the twins so he faked a cough and caught their attention.  Jun came out and assisted them to enter the room which totally left the twins shocked and were in awe!

They literally had their jaws dropped by the scene they saw!

[Yuto’s POV]

This is simply amazing!

All the servants are standing at the sides and all of them are in uniform! They are all bowing down and they even greeted us with “Welcome your highnesses!” in synch! This doesn’t look like a room! It is like three tennis courts joined together! The chandeliers are also amazing! Not to mention the long table in the middle filled with food! It is a feast fit for a king!!! Amazing!!!

I wonder what Ne-san is thinking now? I hope she is not craving for the food!

[End of POV]

[Rina’s POV]

I bet that my dear ni-chan is amazed by everything he just saw… wait a minute… I know that smell! The smell of roasted turkey with a happy bunch of Rosemarie and some Dill at the side! Owh owh!! There is also the smell of the garlic bread! But no!! be strong Rina! This is not the time to let yourself be tempted by all these wonderful delights. You are here to search for answers and to talk to the queen. You need to clarify things once and for all! Remember all those questions and ask them!

Now now… where s the queen?

All I can see is a beautiful lady maybe twenty five years old and three young men who were almost the same age as kei. They seemed to be in their best look and if I am not mistaken, they might be Princes… but where is the queen?

“Welcome to the Demon Kingdom! Nakajima Yuto and Nakajima Rina! Please, feel free and comfortable and take a seat.”

The beautiful, not to mention sexy, lady stood and said that. She also pointed two vacant seats. She was sitting at the end of the table and she pointed the two unoccupied seats which were adjacent to hers. Shigeaki and Yamashita guided us and we took our seats. They also took the available seats at the right side and the Jun guy also sat there. So basically, the three men they saw earlier sat at our right side and the three young men were sitting at our left. There are a lot of foods between us but I must not be distracted.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mayuki Daidouji, the 37th demon queen and the mother of these adorable looking guys at your left. Come on boys, introduce yourselves.” She proudly announced and this made me so shocked! I mean, she only looks like the elder sister of these guys! And now she’s telling me she is the MOTHER! This is absurd!

“I am Kota Yabu. The eldest.” Said an auburn haired prince. From the looks of it, I don’t think I might be able to be in good terms with him. He seems to be the type who is stubborn and will want things to go according to how he wants I to be. He seems to be bossy as well. He also doesn’t seem to like our presence here. He has been staring at us from head to toe since the moment we set foot in this room.

“Hi! I am Hikaru Yaotome! You can call me Hikka! I hope you will be able to be a good prince and princess!” This time a fun loving and blonde haired guy is talking. He has little fangs but unlike the first guy, he seems to be more approachable. He has this big smile while speaking and he seems to be really jolly. Looks like Yuto will be having his mini match.

“Yuya Takaki. Nice to meet you.” woah! From a light and funny aura, we suddenly go to a more serious one! He seems to be like a man of few words and he seems like he doesn’t enjoy big parties. He also seems to be more of a serious type and mysterious and it matches his chestnut colored hair.

“Allow me to introduce myself as well. I am Jun Matsumoto. The second general and I am in charge in gathering all the Intel from our forces. I am also here to manage the armory of the kingdom.” He seems to be nice but somehow I sense that he is a little nervous and he has this charm in him and there is this gentleness I sense in him.

I took a deep breath and decided to speak since Ni-chan is still so amazed and observing more will just distract me.

“Your highness, I don’t want to sound impolite but my brother and I are really confused and we need answers. Mr. Shigeaki here told us that it will be best to hear the answers directly from you my queen.”

I tried to compose myself but seriously I want to burst out all my questions in my mind!

“I see… what is it that you want to know?” the queen smirked and sat more comfortably on her chair.

“There are honestly a lot of them your highness. I hope you won’t mind.”

“I won’t.” was her quick response.

“ First, I want to know what this place is? Is it still on Earth? How did we end up here? Why are the townsmen a while ago throwing rocks on us and are calling us demons? What do they mean of DOUBLE BLACK? And why are you all addressing me and my brother as hime-sama and ouji-sama! Why do you even know us?”

I know I sounded a bit rude and demanding but I need answers and I need them now.

“Easy there! I will answer your question one by one. First is that, you are in The Demon Kingdom just like what I said a while ago and unfortunately, this is not part of the world you come to know of as Earth.” That was the queen’s answer.

“You might think that this is a different planet but in your terms, it will be best to believe that this is an alternative dimension.” This time it was Yamashita who spoke to support the queen’s answer.

“Thank you Yamapi. Regarding your next question, you are here because of the will of the Great One. He is the one who summoned you to be able to arrive to this very place and be crowned as the Demon Prince and Princess who is destined to save the kingdoms from its near doom. Regarding your question about the reaction of the townsmen, there is an emerging war between the Humans and demons. The humans are blaming the demons for the disasters happening around. They think that it is us demons who are trying to collect the Mystical Boxes that will bring chaos to the land and they despise all demons.” The queen is now a little sad while explaining things.

“Then you are saying that you are demons? But how can you distinguish demons between humans? You all look like humans to me!” This time, Yuto spoke.

“All humans have pets something we demons don’t but on the other hand, we demons have the ability to control the elements and we possess magic.”

“What about the double black?” I asked again.

“It was said in the prophesy that one day, the greatest demon prince and princess will come and that they might bring either doom or might save the kingdoms because of the power they possess. They will be distinguished because of being double black which means having black hair and black eyes. They will also be wearing black clothes. If you are wondering, black is a very special color for only royalties of the great Demon Tribe are allowed to wear the color black.” this was what the queen said.

“It is also really important since the only person who had the double black was King Sai Himura and the Great Wise Man himself, Kei Takashima who was the greatest king and adviser of all because it was them who sealed and collected the cursed Mystical Boxes that saved the world 600 years ago.” It was now Shigeaki who spoke and he looked at a big picture frame hanging and surprisingly, the king has a big resemblance on Yuto. Now this is weird.

“Wait! So you mean all of this was because of a prophecy? And you want us to save this world? But we are only normal students. We don’t know how to rule a land we don’t even know. Our parents will be sick and worried about our whereabouts now.” Yuto bravely stood up and this made me stand as well.

“We are very sorry but I think you are having a mistake. First is that, we are not the only ones who has black hair and black eyes in our world. As for the dress, as students of the university, we are obliged to wear these and we are not the only twins. We are really grateful at your warm welcome and we don’t want to be rude but we really need to go home now. If you must… your highness. You have chosen the wrong people.” I said as Yuto and I stood waiting for the queen’s response.

“If that is what you really think, I can’t blame you but please give us some time to explain more about the situation the kingdom is in.” the queen really wants us to stay but…

“Mother! Why are you wasting your time on these wimps! They are clearly not the ones who will save our kingdom! We don’t need that prophesy! It’s all blasphemy and make up stories! What?! A mere lady will be crowned princess just because she wears black skirt and black blazer and that wimpy guy who looks like he cannot even lift the chair he just sat on!” It was that Kota guy who just went berserk with his speech. I knew he is a no good guy.

“Just ignore him. He is just disappointed. Come on Rina.” Yuto was trying to calm me down since he knew I am pissed off. I just had a bad time in my algebra this morning when that pesky teacher humiliated me in front of the class and boy am I wanting to just punch someone now!

 “Hmph... as expected from these cowards. They will just run away. Go and go back to your silly mommy who is waiting for her no good children!” he added with a smirk on his face.

“Why you!!” Yuto was about to run to him but I stopped him.

“I can’t just let him insult our mother! That’s too much!” now Yuto is enraged. A while ago he was the calm one and now he is the one insisting on a fight.

“Oy! That’s too much Kota!” The Yuya guy said.

“Man! Chill!” The blonde guy said.

The queen was left speechless and the other guys are not reacting at all. Shigeaki was restless, Yamashita just took a deep breath and Jun just slapped his forehead. What are they all doing?

“Remember, we are not on our territory and we cannot do anything wrong. Let me handle this.” I said and walked to where that bamboo guy with an auburn hair was standing.  I went there to talk to the queen up close but instead he muttered something I accidentally heard.

“ hmph… acting cool eh!” He said,

I felt like I was a volcano that needs to burst and I stood in front of him and the next thing I did shocked everyone in the room.


What did Rina do?

Will they be able to go back to Earth?

What will be happening next?



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19th-Aug-2012 10:17 pm - Customary Tradition: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Those Responsible

[Yuto’s POV]

Looks like Rina was knocked off because of extreme fear. Well, I can’t blame her for that. She has never imagined even in her wildest imaginations that the day will come when skeletons with wings will carry her and take her to high places. Not to mention the terrible math class a while ago. She hates the subject. She might actually be thinking that things are getting worse. Call me weird but I think it is cool!! I mean the “skellies”. I feel like these “skellies” are on the good side! Good thing Rina doesn’t read my mind now for she surely will scold me again for trusting others too much ne!

I got to admit that we need to thank them for saving our necks from that guy. I wonder why he helped us then tried to kill us. That was weird.

I was still busy thinking about these strange occurrences now when suddenly I saw a large castle. Looks like these skellies will bring us here. Sugoii! I have never seen such huge castle in my whole life! I just wish we won’t be locked up to the cellar or the attic and take us as prisoners.

[End of POV]

[Meanwhile on Earth]

“Oy! Seems like your plans worked out.” A young lady with a dark brown hair and almond shaped eyes said as she approached the guy which is still standing at the rooftop.

“Yeah. Seems like it.” The guy answered plainly still not looking back at the girl.

“I wonder what they might be doing right now…” this time there was a certain tone of concern and the girl is obviously worried.

“If I am not mistaken, there can be two possibilities…” now he is looking intently at the girl and is raising her two fingers to emphasize the number two.

“Ok Mr. Genius… tell me your assumptions.”

“First is that, they might be lucky enough to appear inside the castle where the lovely people will be giving them lovely warning. Second is that, they might have been a little unlucky if they will fall on earthy human grounds wherein they can be sentenced to a certain crowd favorite which is throwing stones to their lovely visitors.  Unfortunately, it is more likely that they will be falling on the second choice.” He said while ending his statement with a smirk which made the lady blush a little.

“You seem to be quite sure about it. By the way, I wonder how you managed to get the prince to enter the portal.” The lady asked while holding her loose hair as it was blown away by the wind.

“This is quite unusual to see you being so interested ne!” the young man cheerfully said to the girl. He knows how snobbish this girl can get so seeing her to be this curious about stuff makes him a little more proud about himself.

“Answer my question.” The lady said with her usual tone. Yup. She is in her normal mode and she can be quite scary. Good thing this guy is already used to her being like that.

“Ok! Well, it is simple. I know for a fact that the prince loves surprises so I sent him a message to go to the designated portal and wait for me since I have a surprise and boom! I gave him a light pat and there he is! Successfully transported… Simple isn’t it.” It is obvious of how proud the guy was at his ideas and he can clearly see that the girl is not amused. More of annoyed by his bragging but she has to admit that she should give him the credits.

“Well, how about the princess? What did you do to her?” the lady is trying to test how this guy’s mind works. She knew he wouldn’t be called as “The Great Wise Man” for no reason but she still has this urge to test the capacities of this guy in front of her.

“What I did? I didn’t do anything. I don’t need to.” The guy’s aura turned from the arrogant, cheerful one to a more serious and cunning one. He looked at the girl straight into her eyes and he went nearer to the girl trapping her with the wall behind her and him in front of her. Not to mention placing his both arms around her to secure that she will not run away.

The lady didn’t even flinch but he knows that deep inside the girl is confused yet he knows she will not show it too. There is a thick façade he knew will be difficult to break.

“I know that you will fix those things for me ne!” He winked again and gave her his warm and killer smile that will definitely melt any lady’s heart.     

“What do you mean?” This time, the confusion on the girl can be seen.

“I know that you, The Oracle, already had a premonition about what is going to happen and I know that you also had given the queen an advisory that the twins will be coming to the castle soon. I also am aware that you want to take part of this wonderful event. So you set your plans on taking the princess to the other portal and made her think that you are doing her a favor.  You knew that she is too kind to resist. Am I right?!”

The lady was again amazed at the guy and smirked.

“Now tell me, when are we going back as well? If both of them are there, then we should also come back. Also, would you mind! I need space you know! Sheesh!” The lady changed topic and shooed the guy away.

“Only when He summons us… I want them to enjoy things a little more before we reveal who we truly are ne Oracle-chan!” he was back again on his cheerful expression.

“Stop calling me that! Baka! I don’t care if you are the “Great Wise Man”! You will always be a baka in my eyes!”

 [Back to the other side of the world]

[Someone’s POV]

Head teacher Shigeaki just informed me that I must meet my mother again today because of an important announcement. I ran as fast as I can to reach her room in time. I guess this one is a serious matter to make my mom meet all of us again. I actually do hope it is.

As I opened the door I found a big table arranged and all my other brothers are there gathered. Looks like mom will be having an announcement since this rarely happens.

“Owh there you are my lovely Koppi! You were a little late! Sit down now. I have an important announcement to make” My mom is cheerful as always. I wonder what the big news is. Are we having another sibling?! Or another father?! Geesh!

I sat down on my chair and took a look on my other brothers.

There’s Hikaru and Yuya which are surprisingly early today.

“I have received news from the oracle. I want you all to be prepared for it is expected that today, the demon prince and princess will be arriving. The Great Wise Man and the Oracle herself made sure and confirmed it.” The queen was serious now.

“Whoa! Whoa! Mother! I phew! I thought you are going to tell us that we are going to have another father or another sibling. Ahaha!” It was Hikaru who made the remark and as usual, he usually says what he thinks.

“So mother, you want us to prepare ourselves and take good care of the prince and princess?” Yuya made his remark now. He is a man of few words and seeing him react now was quite surprising.

“Your highness! Sorry for interrupting you. We have received news that they are here!” The second general of the kingdom came rushing to them.

“Really! That’s great news Jun! What are you waiting for boys! Go and change your clothes and we will be meeting them!” the queen excitedly told her sons.


Yuto was shaking Rina to wake her up. They now landed at the top of great castle and looks like the people there are not going to harm them. It seems like; the people there are really amazed to see them. There are even two gorgeous guys who are there waiting for their arrival.

“We have been waiting for you… Ouji-sama! Hime-sama!” the two guys said in synch which made Yuto shocked and shook Rina harder. He is even slapping her just to wake her up.

“Rina!!  Rina!! Come on! Wake up! You need to see this!!” Yuto was already panicking and he tries his best to wake his sister up. He knows his sister is better at negotiating and talking to others. She is like a little investigator and he need her skills now.

His efforts bear fruit when finally, his twin sister woke up and he assisted her to stand up and helped her fixed her appearance. He can see that his sister is quite disappointed at what she saw because she let go of a huge sigh and placed her hand on her forehead.

“Hime-sama! Ouji-sama! How was the trip?” One of the two really good-looking guys asked which caught the attention of the twins.

“Sorry for being a little impolite. I guess I’ll have to introduce myself. I am Yamashita Tomohisa. The General of the Demon Kingdom and the one in-charge on the battle fronts and now will be in-charge on your safety.” The guy bowed and they can see that he is a general because of the sword on his right hips and because of his military like dress. He seems to be so prim and proper and formal but he looks really kind and he let out a big and warm smile.

“I am Shigeaki Kato. I am the head teacher here and I am in-charge of every event in here. I know everything that is happening and I am also in-charge of the castle’s condition and also going to be your tutor to inform you about everything that you need to know about running the kingdom.” Unlike the other guy a while ago, he seems to be a little clumsy and more of a brainy type. He also has a sword on his right hip but he wears a robe-like dress. He looks gentler than that of the other guy a while ago. He also bowed and a big smile was plastered on his face.

[Rina’s POV]

They just called us Hime-sama and Ouji-sama twice. They said that we are on the demon kingdom… I don’t see any demons; well aside from those skeletons we saw a while ago. I need to clarify all these questions bugging me.

“Wait a second. You told us that we are at the Demon Kingdom right? Would you mind explaining things to us? We are really confused about everything that has been happening to us and we need answers. And why do you call us Hime-sama and Ouji-sama?!”

I can sense that they had anticipated all these things that I told them and they just smiled at me and Yuto.

Yuto on the other hand seems to be amazed at the scenery. Well, we have never seen a real castle before and I think he just enjoyed the skeleton trip a while ago. Sometimes I wish that I can be as relaxed as he is.

“You are….” The guy named Shigeaki Kato was about to speak when the Yamashita guy suddenly stopped him and interrupted.

“As much as my friend here, Shige, wants to answer your questions and clarify things… I guess it will be better if the queen herself will be the one to explain things to you. Please be patient your highness and follow us. We will be taking you to her room.” He calmly explained.

With all of these happening, I realized that I just saw 3 gorgeous looking guys since I set foot in this world. If I was in an anime, this will definitely be rated as a bishounen one and that Yamashita guy will fit as a good butler ne! What the heck am I thinking! This is not the right time to think about such stuff! I badly need to have the answers now… answers that only the queen can explain.


What answers will be given to the twins?

What is going to happen next?

What is the real Identity of the Oracle and the Great Wise Man?


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19th-Aug-2012 02:32 am - Customary Tradition: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Into Another World


All that can be heard was the unending shouts of the twins. They don’t know what’ happening around them and all they can feel is like they are floating… like there is no presence of gravity around them and there is a blinding light…

That was until they both heard something…

“Rina Nakajima… Yuto Nakajima… do not be afraid. I know I am asking a sort of impossible thing from the both of you but please believe me that there is a good reason behind all of these.”

It was a man’s voice. A voice with authority yet gentleness they cannot explain. A voice that they never remember they’ve heard of before but was really familiar. It both made them unsure and confused but somehow the voice was comforting enough and there is a certain feeling attached to it that made them feel like they should trust whatever he says. They tried to locate the source but saw nothing…

Then they felt another weird feeling which is different from what they felt a while ago…

Now they feel like gravity is back again to haunt them and then they realized that they are falling.

Everything happened so fast and the moment they opened their eyes, they found themselves lying on an earthy ground.

“Where are we?” Yuto asked while getting up and clearing all the sand and earthy stuff on his black uniform.

“I hope I can answer your question but the last thing I remember aside from that weird dreamlike event was that I was at the library…” Rina answered her twin’s question while trying to sit and checking if she has any broken legs or anything.

“Well, maybe we can ask them!” Yuto said with a wide smile on his space pointing at the women staring at them. He also is lending his hand to assist his sister to get up once again.


The women are talking and are saying something to each other with a fierce and fearful stare to the twins.

“I don’t know why but I have a feeling that they don’t like our presence here. Not to mention that they are talking weirdly.” Rina reasoned out. She is a keen observer and also good at profiling people.

“What are you talking about Rina! That can’t possibly be…” Yuto has always been an optimist and he never place any suspicion on other people and he easily trusts them.

 He looked around and saw the looks of the people and he became confused. He also noticed that they are actually standing in the middle of a community and even the guys are staring fiercely at them.

“They seem to be creepy but let’s try to ask them… it won’t hurt us right?” Yuto suggested still positive that things will go well.

“I don’t think asking them or talking to them will be a pretty good idea… why don’t we just go and look for a police or anyone in authority. Their looks seems like they want to…” Rina was cut off when Yuto already started walking towards a group of ladies.

“ *sighs* Yuto will really never change! Hopefully things will go well…” Rina said to herself since she knows that when Yuto started hoping for something, he will definitely go for it.

“Sumimasen… ano…” he approached a lady together with his melting smile but to his shock, the lady threw a rock on him as an answer and said some unusual things they cannot understand. Then she started screaming and screaming until almost everyone are in panic and took their rocks as well and threw them on Yuto and Rina. Yuto immediately looked for Rina and got her hand as they ran away from the angry mob but they were surrounded.

“You know the worst part here Yuto?! We don’t understand a thing they are saying! Why are they so mad!!!” Rina exclaimed to let Yuto hear her since the mob is also shouting out loud…

Suddenly, a handsome, knight-like guy came. He has this stern expression on his face but he looks like someone in authority since the people suddenly calmed down a bit. He approached the twins with Yuto standing in front of Rina as if trying to protect her. Rina was looking at the guy’s sword and starts to admire his looks.

The guy stopped in front of Yuto and started to hold both of his ears which made Yuto stunned for a moment. Rina wanted to react but the look the guy gave her made her stunned. It did the same to her and suddenly…

“Look at them!! They are Demons!”

“Where did they come from?”

“What are they doing here!”


Now they finally understood what the townsmen are trying to say.

When they finally understood what the people said the twins exchanged looks and now are looking at the guy who made them understand what’s happening.

“Anoo… sir, what’s happening? What are they trying to say?” Yuto bravely asked the guy.

The guy just looked at them coldly and took the sword from its sheath and is now aiming to their necks.

But they are both confused about everything that is happening. First, they don’t know where they are. Second, the townsmen hates them for a reason they don’t know third is that there is this handsome guy who helped them understand things but is now trying to take their heads off as a price! Could things get any worse!!!

Due to shock the twins just shut their eyes with Yuto hugging Rina to cover her. It’s like he was waiting for that pain of being struck by the sword but instead, he felt something weird on his shoulders and now he feels like he is floating… again! But this time, it seems like a giant bird got them and he knew they are on air since he can already feel the wind… but his eyes remained shut much like a defense for himself. He only opened his eyes when he heard Rina scream.

“Kyaaaaah!! Yutooo!!”

This is quite unusual since he knows that Rina is a strong girl. He remembered that Rina has a great fear of heights but when he examined things, he finally understood the reason why Rina is shouting her lungs out. It is definitely not because of heights…

[Rina’s POV]

A while ago I thought that things couldn’t go any worse! Looks like I spoke too soon!

I shouldn’t have opened my eyes but I was really curious to know what is going on around me! Only to see a skeleton carrying me!

This is a perfect combination! A skeleton + wings that made it fly + heights= perfect formula for suicide! I can even write it on my 101 ways to kill yourself! With the special participation of flying skeletons!

I don’t know which one is better? Is it being safe from that good-looking guy’s sword but suffer with these skeletons or die brutally with my head cut off…

This is too much for me. Maybe I should go back to sleep and maybe… just maybe… I will be able to wake up at the library holding that dusty book…

[end of POV]

With this, Rina fell unconscious with the wish of waking up with everything back to normal.


What exactly are those skeletons doing?

Double black? What does it mean?

Will Rina wake up from her dream?

Who is that good-looking guy?

Where did they end up?

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